Welcome to my blog!

This blog is for those looking for information about skincare and makeup – what I have found that works and what doesn’t – for people over the age of 40.  I am now 60.  I’ve been studying (not formerly) and testing skincare and makeup products intensively for the past 40 years.  I have found what works for me – and I hope it will work for you too.

This blog will also be for anyone interested in wine and wine pairings.  I’m interested in good, affordable wine.  For me affordable is usually in the $10 to $25 price range.  What is more important to me is if the wine is worth the price and do I like it.   There are a lot of wines in this price range and some are worth the price – some are not.

One week will be about the skincare/makeup and one week will be about wine.

Please note, this blog is not intended for medical or legal advice.  The purpose of this blog is for me to share my ideas, experiences and adventures with makeup skincare and wine.  I would like for you to share your ideas, experiences and adventures too.

I hope you will join me in this adventure.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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