Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Honey

valentines day heartsIt is amazing to me that Valentine’s Day is less than three weeks away.  Where did January go?  I’m not complaining about seeing the end of January, it is never my favorite month.  And now we get to move into a glorious month!  One filled with hearts and flowers – and ground hogs.  Okay.

So…what to do about the big day that lands in the middle of February – Valentine’s Day.  The answer depends on who’s your honey?  Of course.

You can always go the standard traditional route – flowers, chocolate, fragrance.  There is flowersnothing wrong with this.  But – if you’re going the traditional route, change it up a bit.  Go with the unexpected, but more requested.  Find out what flowers your honey loves the most.  My particular favorites are Tulips, Lilies, and Daffodils.  I know, sounds like an Easter bouquet and that doesn’t arrive until March.  What I’m saying is, not everyone loves roses. if your snookums loves Gerbera Daises, or Sunflowers, then by all means, get those flowers, not Roses. If you are unsure as to what flowers to get, just ask.  But don’t wait until February 13th to ask what flowers your special someone likes, ask today, and makes notes.

The same goes with chocolate.  There’s nothing wrong with giving chocolate – ever – except perhaps if your sweetheart is on a strict diet – then no chocolate, go with lake champlain chocolatesomething else.  But all chocolate is not created equal.  Sad, but true.  Find out what your darling likes as far as milk, dark, white?  Nuts, chews, soft centers, caramels, the list goes on and on.  Godiva, Dove, Lindt, Lake Champlain, See’s?  So much chocolate, so little time.

The easier course is with fragrance.  My suggestion is to find out what your honey is currently using and get a matching lotion, powder or shower gel.  My personal chanel_bath_body_rangeexperience is that I rarely repurchase a fragrance, so getting more is not always a good thing. And, I seldom purchase the special extras to go with the scent I’m currently using.  I love having the matching shower gel or lotion but it costs more money, and I don’t feel comfortable spending more money than I’m already spending on a fragrance.  Check out what your special someone is wearing, and get some body lotion, shower gel or powder to go with it, the gift will be greatly appreciated.

Then there are those that don’t go the traditional route, they give a gift that keeps on giving.  You do this by paying attention to what your special someone wants/needs/desires and go for it.  This course of action will require you to pay attention to what is going on – all year long.  And you will need to take notes!

wild birdsIf your loved one adores animals, birds or fish, go in that direction.  For example, we feed the wild birds, and a 20 pound bag of wild bird seed is a wonderful gift.  If your sweetie has a cat or a dog, see if a new bed is needed, or a toy or a new feeding dish.  Something along these lines is always appreciated. Please note: do not give an animal, bird or fish to anyone, this is something that the individual receiving the animal needs to pick out.

If your special someone is currently repairing a vehicle, get him or her one of the parts they need, or a tool that will help the project along.  If it is a woodworking project, find out if a new saw is need, or perhaps special wood?

Throughout the year, I am sure your Darling has said “I need a ___” or “gosh, I wish I had a ____”.  You fill in the blank.  Every time you hear “I want”, “I need”, I wish I had”, write it down.  When you’re out and about with your Honey, and you hear, “wow, I really like that”, or “isn’t that beautiful” or something to that effect, write it down.  Keep this information on a pad of paper, your phone, your Kindle, somewhere.  Then, when a celebration comes along and you want to give a gift, you will know what to give.

It is also helpful to keep a list of likes, favorite colors, sizes (fingers, hands, wrists, and making a listthe usual top, bottom, feet).  Keep track of favorite music, books, movies, coffee, wine.  Everything you pay attention to, and everything you keep track of, will give your sweetheart the message that you care, and what is more important than that?

Valentine’s Day is a day to be with someone you love, someone you care about, and someone you want to share your feelings with.  Giving a gift should be a way of showing that you care about that person.  Giving a gift that reflects how much you have paid attention to the wants and needs of this person really communicates how much you care.

One last little piece of advice.  If you’re going to go out for dinner, don’t go out on Dinner-party-finger-hordervs (1)February 14th.  Make it the following or the next weekend.  The restaurants are extremely busy on February 14th and you won’t feel special at all.  But, if you wait and go out the following weekend, you will not be rushed and you will certainly have a much better time.  Instead of going out for dinner on February 14th, why not cook dinner for each other?  Or, make it a group event, have a party of 6 or 8, assign jobs to each party member party that turns into dinner.

No matter what you do, where you go, or what you give, do it with love in your heart and you cannot do it wrong.



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