August is Slip Sliding Away

august in vermontAugust is here and for those of us above the equator, it is a hot, hot month.  So… to keep the cosmetics where we want them.  How to keep the foundation, concealer, eye shadow and mascara where we put them?  Good question.

Even though I usually have dry skin, during the heat of the summer, with all of the humidity that goes with it, my skin turns into an oily mess.  Primer helps with a lot of the sliding of the products, especially with the eyes, but in the summer, my face requires a change in my foundation.  Out with the liquid and cream  bare minerals foundationfoundations, in with the powder and serums.  For people over the age of 25 or 30, using a powder foundation can be a scary challenge.

estee primerI start with a primer that is matte, oil free.  I stop using the primers with silicone and those primers that give a “glow”.  No need for glowing assistance in the summer!  Estee Lauder makes a good product for keeping your foundation where you put it.  It is called: Matte Perfecting Primer (go figure).  For a less pricey option; Ulta also makes a good matte primer, Professional Matte Prime.  Both options will provide you with a good start to a more matte, oil free look.  Using a primer is essential for keeping your foundation where you put it.

After applying my primer, I look for something that needs doing – something that will take about five minutes.  This will allow the primer to set a bit.  The next step is to apply a cream or solid type of concealer.  There are a lot of arguments about when to apply your concealer – before or after the foundation.  I prefer to do both.  I apply the more solid concealer before the foundation (pigmentation spots, blemishes, discoloration spots) and the liquid concealer (under the eyes, around the nose) after the foundation.  Now with the solid concealer foundation applied, I use a  powder foundation or a serum foundation.

Serum foundations are popping up in many brands.  I like the serum foundations for the sheer  bobbi brown serum foundationtint they provide.  Like a tinted moisturizer without the moisturizer and a bit more coverage.  Most of the serum foundations on today’s market have ingredients which are good for the skin.  Bobbi Brown Skin Serum is my current favorite.   This serum foundation is good for normal to dry skin types, I would not recommend it for oily skin.  It is a sheer coverage that provide anti-aging benefits for your pericone foundationskin.  Perricone MD came out with one of the first serum foundations.  It is called “No Foundation Foundation Serum”.  I have not personally tried this product but it has received many good reviews. Serum foundations are a weightless option for a summer foundation.

For a powder foundation option, Clinique Acne Solutions Powder Make-up is a good choice – even if you don’t have acne.  This powder foundation is for dry combination to oily skin types. Another option is bareMinerals foundation which comes in the original loose powder form or clinique powderthe newer matte loose powder form, and a pressed powder form.  The pressed powder is easier to travel with.  The bareMinerals products are some of the original mineral powder foundations on today’s market.   Both of these options provide medium coverage without being too heavy.  It’s important to keep the powder light on the skin to avoid it settling into fine lines and wrinkles.  If you want a lighter coverage, try Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation.  This starts light and more can be added to become a medium coverage where needed.  I like the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation because it has light diffusers to blur away fine lines and imperfections.  It is powder foundations urban decay skin foundationlike Urban Decay Naked Skin that allows any age to use a powder foundation.  The powder is so light and blends so easily into the skin, never emphasizing pores or wrinkles.

After applying the powder foundation, a light dusting of bronzer and a pop of color for blush and I’m done with my face.  This is a light and easy summer look that stays where I put it for at least eight hours.  If I want to glam it up for the evening I will add a highlighter to the top of my cheekbones and over the eyebrows, usually in a candlelight tone with subtle shimmer.

What are you wearing for foundation for the last month of summer?

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