Does This Match?

I’m not going to talk about shoes, purses or accessories, that would take several weeks and too many pages and it still wouldn’t really encompass enough to cover that subject, no I’m talking about your face.  Yep, your face.  Hey – your face needs to match! If you’re fortunate enough to have a lifestyle that allows you freedom of choice, you’re more bronze goddessthan likely to have choices when applying your makeup.  Sunny Golden Girl today?  Bronze Goddess?  Gothic?  (okay, moderate gothic makeupGothic)?  Whatever your mood, not matter what direction you’re going with your look, your face needs to match.  This can be difficult, but not if you apply a few simple rules.

  1. The first rule is to know if you’re warm, cool or neutral.  Basically, if you look good wearing peaches, corals, golds – you’re a warm toned person.  If you look good in blues, purples, cherry reds, you’re a cool toned person.  If you’re able to wear all of the colors, you’re a neutral person.
  2. The most important rule is to keep the shimmer/sparkle limited to one place on your face.  It can be eyes, cheeks, lips, but not more than one or you begin to look like a glitter ball at a disco joint.
  3. If you’re going to a colorful eye, (and what’s not to love about that) then keep the color in the cheeks and lips to a minimum.  Go for a nude lip (my favorite is Charlotte bitch perfectTilbury’s Bitch Perfect) and a tawny cheek.
  4. If you’re going for the bronze goddess look, or sunny California girl, then keep the rainbows over the eyes to a minimum.  Use coordinating brown, black, gold, even sunset orange colors, but steer clear of the bold greens and blues.  If you want to do a pastel blue, that’s okay with this look but I’d limit the jewel tones.
  5. With the pale waif, moderate Goth or just when your skin is on the pale side, be very careful with the bronzer and contour.  If it’s too dark it can look harsh and a little too Kim K.  Go for the milk chocolate for the bronzer or a caramel bronzer (depending if Chanel Bronzeryou’re cool or warm toned.  I personally love the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base for myself, especially in the winter when I’m a NC 20.  Bobbi Brown makes nice bronzers, they are in a nice matte finish.  Keep it about one or two shades darker than your bobbi brown bronzernatural skin tone.
  6. When going with the pale waif, and the lighter bronzer, keep the blush to a medium pink or medium coral (depending on skin tone).
  7. Use your brighter blushes when your skin tone is darker or you’re using a darker bronzer.  The brighter blushes help keep the bronzer and darker skin from looking muddy.
  8. When you are going for the dark smokey eye, keep the color on the lips to a minimum.  If you want to go with a color on the lips, keep it close to your natural color but you can go a few shades darker.
  9. When you have a nude or neutral eye, brighten up your face with either your blush or your lips but not both.  Nude eyes look great with a bright lip and a lighter blush.
  10. Last Rule – unless it’s the Christmas Holiday Season, never wear green eye shadow when green eyeshadowwearing red clothing.

Now that you’re armed with the rules, it is easy to create a look that is simpatico.  Check the weather, decide what you’re going to wear, where you’re headed and go forth!

However, we all know rules are made to be broken.  Of course it’s okay to go outside of the boundaries now and then, mix it up a little and have fun with your look.

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