Highlight It!

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, most are facing the winter blah – gray look.  I know I am.  This is the time of year I start to get that death-meets-Pillsbury Doughboy look. pillsbury Not a good look.  There are several options that I have to keep people from running away or calling 911 when I see them.

First is to add a bit of light toned bronzer, not too much, that would be too obvious, but enough to take away the gray.  Next I add highlights, not just to my hair, but to my face.

Strategically placed, and using the correct shade and type, highlights can brighten the skin and add dimension where you want it.  The key words are “strategically placed and correct shade”.

Highlighters come in many shapes and forms; creme, liquid, loose powder, pressed powder.  Lots of glitter, shimmer, glow, be careful where you go!

The idea of a highlighter is to give a soft glow to the upper cheeks, above the eyebrows or under the brow.   The trick is to find the correct shade and type.  If you want a very subtle glow from within look and you’re dealing with dry skin, you should look towards a cream or liquid type of
extreme highlighterhighlighter.  If you’re looking for a “hey – I’m HERE” type of glow and sparkle, then go for the gusto and get a powder.  Powders also come in the glow from within form and work with oily skin or combination skin.

You have choices of shades and textures in highlighters.  Peach, pink, white, candlelight, to name just a few.  Your shade choice will depend on the shade and tone (neutral, cool, warm) of your skin, and the look you’re going for.   A neutral, slightly lighter than your skin, shimmery highlighter is a good place to start.  MAC makes a lot of my favorite highlighters.  Lightscapade has a cult following (I’m a big fan) and is a special edition MAC product.  The good thing is MAC usually promotes this product once a year.  Lightscapade runs to the cool side but is neutral enough that it works for most people.  It is a MAC Mineralized product which means it has color mac-lightscapade-minerialize-skinfinshveining and each unit is slightly different.  The most recent version is more crosshatched.  The picture on the right is mine and it is the older style.  I like the product so much that I purchase a backup when it is re-released.

Other cosmetic companies that make lovely highlighters include; Laura Mercier, Stila, and Bobbi Brown Some call their product a brightener, illuminatwayne goss brush 14er, and Bobbi Brown also has their Shimmer Brick (be careful with the Shimmer Brick, it is very sparkly).

If you’re using a powder highlighter on the upper check, apply with a dense fan brush.  If  you want more product, you can try a medium size very fluffy brush.  Wayne Goss makes a fabulous medium fluffy brush – brush #14.  If you’re applying under or over the brow bone, use a denser, smaller brush.  MAC 217 is good for this.

To apply a creme or liquid highlighter, use your fourth (or ring) finger to lightly dab and blend the product into the area.  Start with a light application, you can always add more.  Regardless of powder, creme or liquid, the highlighter should be the last or almost last product you apply.

How will you be highlighting this winter?

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